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Our new ESG practice is integrated into strategic and everyday decisions and has made us a stronger more resilient company.”

 Adapt to the mandate for purpose-driven business.


Uncover what matters
to your stakeholders.

Pinpoint external factors that present both risk and opportunity.

​Customize an ESG strategy that prioritizes growth, accountability and action.
We work across the technology ecosystem to accelerate adoption of ESG principles and practices
Startups and Public Companies

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Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms

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A comprehensive approach to managing sustainability is not a 'nice to have.' It's the new business imperative. The good news is it's also not rocket science. Together we craft an actionable and bold plan for achieving sustainability goals you and your team will feel good about. 


Diverse skill sets. Dedicated partners. 
Visionary thinking. Systems-based execution.

Focused on supporting leaders to build more responsible, transparent, and impactful technology companies. We listen widely, ask questions that re-imagine possibilities, and empower organizations to achieve their full potential.

Keren has led cross-functional teams to make an impact in ecosystem science, technology consulting, supply chain and corporate social responsibility. Keren approaches innovation with curiosity and integrity, empowering groups to achieve substantive goals.

Keren graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University with degrees in Biology and Society and Science of Earth Systems.

Ben has helped scale organizations by developing foundational structures and capacities for growth. He has built innovation practices from the ground up and established creative cultures. He has broad experience leading innovation and research teams and engages with groups and communities on complex challenges with kindness and persistence.


Ben received his degree in Neuroscience with Honors from Oberlin College. 


Some of what we've been up to


How do you define ESG?

Embedding environmental, social, and governance practices support leaders and teams to build responsible, impactful, and transparent companies and investment strategies. ESG refers to environmental, social, and governance standards used by companies and investors to evaluate risks and opportunities, set goals, and measure impacts and performance across three dimensions, (E) Performance related to topics such as natural resource use, climate risks, and waste, (S) Performance related to treatment of individuals, organizations, communities and society, and (G) Performance related to company leadership and fair, accountable and transparent corporate practices and actions.

How do you structure your engagements?

We aim to meet our clients where they are. We add capacity to achieve your sustainability goals and align with industry best practices. This means our engagements take different forms depending on client needs. Our most typical engagements include : For companies :

  1. ESG series workshops : set a baseline understanding of ESG for your board or leadership team
  2. ‘ESG launch’ : evaluate financially material topics and share progress with customers and investors
  3. ‘ESG Activation’ : Facilitate a materiality analysis, develop strategies and goals, build evaluation practices and draft content for disclosing sustainability information.
For investors :
  1. ESG due diligence and ESG strategy for funds
  2. ESG workshops and curriculum development
  3. Strategy development and building competencies for portfolio companies

When is the right time to adopt an ESG strategy?

It’s never too early to start. There are relevant and practical actions founders and teams can take at every stage. For example, for an early stage startup focused on product-market fit, deciding to integrate ESG expertise on your board or building ESG-related questions into your hiring procedures and product development . As you continue on the ESG journey, there are additional actions to take and questions to ask such as : “How often do we consult stakeholders to set goals related to relevant environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities (e.g. carbon footprint, diversity and inclusion, board oversight, etc.)?” - check out the ESG Inquiry tool for more guidance. Integrating ESG into company DNA is not a monolithic process - it should be tailored to the stage and season your company is in. We’re always happy to have a quick call to get you and your team oriented to the questions you can be asking based on your stage in the journey.

Can you help with financial disclosures, public filings, and sustainability reporting?

Yes! We work with founders and teams to make sure you are in a position to disclose with confidence - that means your ESG strategy is truly integrated into your company processes so that your reporting is both uniquely meaningful and follows industry best practices.


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