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We inspire leaders to build long-term value through a clear environmental, social, and governance strategy. We pinpoint unique ESG risks and opportunities, chart the course for achieving sustainable growth, and build capacity to share progress with stakeholders.

Don't get caught off guard by requests for information on your ESG performance. From founders and executives to general partners, our clients are prepared to respond to the mandate for purpose-driven business.


Tandem Impact  has made us a stronger more resilient company.”

– Stowe Talbot, Co-owner of Talbot Group

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Our client, a startup with global reach, built a successful company with strong impact initiatives, but was ready to take their ESG strategy to the next level. Together, we launched their formal ESG program and governance. Referencing industry standards including SASB, GRI and TCFD, we identified financially material topics, assessed progress and gaps, and prepared them to share sustainability data with investors through disclosures and reporting. To aid future growth, we developed an ESG strategy roadmap, a comprehensive data table for tracking metrics, and their first annual sustainability report. 


Visionary thinking. Systems-based execution. Seeing the forest and the trees, the art and the science of it. We're passionate about catalyzing change within organizations and society to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable future for everyone.

Meet our founders

Keren Bitan

Founding partner

Keren Bitan

Founding partner

Keren has led cross-functional teams to make an impact in ecosystem science, technology consulting, supply chain and corporate social responsibility. Keren approaches innovation with curiosity and integrity, empowering groups to achieve substantive goals.

Keren graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cornell University with degrees in Biology and Society and Science of Earth Systems.

Ben Greené

Founding partner

ben photo.jpg
Ben Greené

Founding partner

Ben has created thriving workplaces and communities with kindness and persistence. His cross-sector leadership includes building foundational structures and capabilities for growth, establishing empowered collaborative teams in research and innovation, and developing partnerships across businesses, non-profits, tribal institutions and governments to tackle complex challenges. Ben is also an award winning documentary filmmaker whose films have screened from MoMA in NYC to the Heritage Centre on Haida Gwaii.

Ben received his degree in Neuroscience with Honors from Oberlin College.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you define ESG?

Embedding environmental, social, and governance practices is crucial for building responsible, impactful, and transparent companies and investment strategies. ESG refers to environmental, social, and governance standards used by companies and investors to evaluate risks and opportunities, set goals, and measure impacts and performance across three dimensions: (E) Performance related to topics such as natural resource use, climate risks, and waste, (S) Performance related to treatment of individuals, organizations, communities and society, and (G) Performance related to company leadership and fair, accountable and transparent corporate practices and actions.

How do you structure your engagements?

ESG Launch: Prioritize ESG opportunities and risks — evaluate and share progress with capital providers, customers, and other stakeholders. ESG Integration: Evaluate relevant sustainability topics through a materiality analysis, develop goals and strategies, build ESG management and reporting capacity. Workshops: Introduce your team to ESG best practices and key topics — establish a common understanding and goals.

When is the right time to adopt an ESG strategy?

It’s never too early — or too late — to start. There are practical actions founders and teams can take at every stage. For example, younger startups can integrate ESG expertise into the board or build ESG-related principles into hiring procedures and product development. As an ESG practice evolves, there are additional questions to ask such as: How often do we consult stakeholders to set goals related to relevant environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities (e.g. carbon footprint, diversity and inclusion, board oversight)? Integrating ESG is not a monolithic process, check out the ESG Inquiry tool for more guidance. We’re always happy to have a quick call to get you and your team oriented to the questions you can be asking based on your stage in the journey.

Can you help with disclosures, public filings, and sustainability reporting?

Yes, we support founders and teams in preparing sustainability disclosures for investors, customers and other stakeholders. These include SEC filings, content for presentations and websites, CDP questionnaires, and sustainability reports aligned with SASB, GRI, TCFD, and the UN SDGs, among others. And we make sure you are in a position to report with confidence — that means your ESG strategy is truly integrated into your company processes so that your reporting is both uniquely meaningful and follows industry best practices.

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